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Mobile Puzzle Sleuths

Bringing Escape Games to you!

Experience the excitement of tracking down clues and putting the pieces together to solve puzzles and help your team succeed! Mobile Puzzle Sleuths brings you collaborative escape games that require teamwork and communication to complete a mission before time runs out.

Whether it’s sports team bonding, corporate team building, celebrations, social events or fundraisers, Mobile Puzzle Sleuths delivers exceptional entertainment value with the convenience of choosing the location for your puzzle adventure.

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Mobile Puzzle Sleuths

Call or text: 414.939.6292

Serving the Milwaukee area and beyond!

Coach Rescue

With a championship at stake, there’s no time to lose! Your high school’s varsity coach has disappeared, and the team needs your help! Decipher clues and work with your fellow fans to track down the missing coach.

Co-worker Rescue

Your workplace is frantic! Your team’s favorite co-worker has gone missing, and you are desperate to begin the search! Collaborate with your team to connect the clues and find your
missing co-worker.

Honeymoon Heist

Your dream honeymoon becomes a nightmare when you are apprehended at the airport and accused of participating in a jewel heist. You’re determined to clear your name! Decode clues to find the actual thieves and prove your innocence.

Pink or Blue?

A little one is on the way! You’re invited to help prepare for baby’s arrival by unraveling delightful puzzles to find the item missing from baby’s layette and optionally reveal baby’s gender as you collaborate and celebrate with family and friends.